1. Mandatory Recycling - Implementation Responsibilities

    Recycling is mandatory in all residential buildings with five or more units.  This law has been in effect since July, 2012, but starting January 1, 2013, governed residential buildings in Berkeley will be subject to a finding of non-compliance.  The first violation will result in a warning letter to the property owner and an offer of free assistance to help the owner come into compliance.  If violations continue, the property owner may be fined.

    What does a property owner have to do?  Five things:
    • Arrange for sufficient number of receptacles for amount generated on-site;
    • Place the recyclable containers at same location as garbage cans;
    • Mark recycling containers with signs on the correct way for tenants to separate recyclables;
    • Provide tenants with information annually re where the recycling containers are located and how to use them; and
    • Provide info to tenants no later than 14 days after move-in and no less than 14 days prior to move out.

    What does a tenant have to do with respect to recycling?
    • Properly separate recyclable material from garbage. 

    A landlord is not liable for tenants’ failure to property sort recycling from garbage, if the property owner meets their obligations above.

    Here’s a useful link to guide property owners to ensure compliance with the new ordinance: http://www.recyclingrulesac.org/multi-family/support-materials/

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  2. New Mandatory Recycling Requirements in Berkeley

    Berkeley property owners:

    Effective July 1st of 2012, all multi-unit dwellings with five (5) or more residential units must have recycling service. Need help getting yours set up? You can find more information at the Alameda County Waste Authority’s Mandatory Recycling Website.

    To establish recycling service at your property, please call the City’s Customer Service Call Center at 311 (510-981-7270). The City of Berkeley provides free assistance, collection containers, and instructional posters to all refuse accounts. Visit the City of Berkeley Recycling Website for more information.

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  3. Dealing with bed bugs

    So, you’ve got bed bugs— now what to do? It’s important to identify and eliminate them as soon as possible, as they spread quickly and can be quite difficult to eradicate.  

    Landlords: You have a duty to maintain pest-free rental properties (California Civil Code Section 1941.1). We strongly encourage property owners to contact a certified pest management company immediately to resolve any reports of bed bugs. 

    Tenants: Do all that you can to avoid trekking bed bugs into your rental from recent travels or hotels.  If you have them now in your unit, whether from yourself, a guest, or a wandering bed bug from a neighbor’s unit, you should inform your landlord in writing immediately. 

    Find out more about bed bugs here, and more on how to get rid of them here

    Tenants, if you have an unresolved problem with bed bugs or other pests, you can contact the City of Berkeley’s Environmental Health Inspector:

    Phone: (510) 981-5310
    TDD: (510) 981-6903
    Email: envhealth@ci.berkeley.ca.us


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